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Naruto Shippuuden – 32


Subbed by NarutoBuzz
Normally I wouldn’t do a summary on any Bleach or Naruto episode not subbed by Dattebayo, but even at the time of this writing, Dattebayo still has not released a subbed copy of Naruto Shippuden 32. NarutoBuzz has already had this subbed for a couple of hours, so I will be presenting that version of the sub for you.

Deidira is fully alive and awake, as the body that had exploded was merely a decoy. Zetsu and Tobi are investigating the deaths of their fellow Akatsuki, even though Tobi isn’t a member yet at this point. He is insistent on getting a ring to show that he can be part of Akatsuki, but Zetsu denies him as he states it’s not so easy. Basically, at this point, Garra is returned to the Sand Village and there is a small memorial to Chiyo. Tobi finds Deidara’s blown off arm and attempts to remove the ring when Deidara appears and claims back his blown off arm. At the end, Sai is introduced and will be a part of Team Kakashi. He is a man of fake emotions, as he presents a smile, but he really has no idea what he’s doing.



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