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Minami-ke – 05


“Let’s Go to the Sea”
Subbed by Ayako
I started this entire series today, and this episode came out yesterday , so let’s get started!

It’s finally summer! The family of three decides to take a visit to the beach. All three girls scour their rooms to find a decent swimsuit, but all realize that they’ve outgrown their clothes. While Haruka stays home, aosdjoasij and Chiaki go off to the store to purcahse new swimswits. For Haruka, they decide to pick a two-piece bikini set. Unfortunately, it rains the day before, and Haruka is relieved. sadisaodisajd then has the sudden idea to make a Teruterubouzu, a “shine shine priest”, to chase the rain away. Basically Chiaki is tied up to a rope and suspended in midair. However, the rain seems to only get stronger. Suddenly, it stops. Chiaki’s friends, Uchida and Yoshino, arrive at the residence but because of Kana’s bickering, the storm “magically” returns, but quickly leaves after Chiaki pleads for forgiveness.

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