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Bleach – 148


Subbed by Dattebayo
It seems Ashido was simply testing Rukia’s strength. The Menos at this point are blasting their Cero all over the place and the team decide to retreat. They settle on finding the location of Nel and rescuing them. When Rukia and Ashido reach the battle location of Ichigo and the others, they’re already gone. They encounter an Adjuchas, one who is stronger than a Menos but not as strong as an Arrancar, a second grade Menos. After being attacked by Ashido, he summons Gillian, and orders them to fire their Cero. Ashido quickly slices him him and all the Menos in half in one shot. They continue to look for Ichigo and their group. Ashido reveals his face and he explains how he has been there for over hundreds of years simply because as a Shinigami, it is his duty to prevent Hollow from entering the real world. Rukia is disheartened as she must admit to Ashido that the number of appearances of hollow have not decreased at all regardless of his efforts. Right before the end of the episode, Ashido and Rukia are ambushed by the group of Adjuchas.


Bleach – 147


Subbed by Dattebayo
Even though this is more than a week late, I’m doing this simply for archiving purposes.

So, Ichigo and the reunited crew have reencountered Lunuganga as of the ending of the last episode. Nel explains that there are multiple bodies of Lunuganga as he is made of sand. After Rukia foolishly stabs the creature on which they’re riding upon, they’re all devoured by the sand and fall for quite a while until all of them fall upon Ichigo. They have fallen into what is called the “Menos Forest”. What’s odd is, they don’t realize Rukia’s missing until 3 minutes after they fall in. Unfortunately, Rukia is the first to encounter the massive amounts of Hollow. Her luck just keeps getting worse when she finally evades all the Hollow but then encounters Menos Grande. They decide to use Cero on Rukia until an unexpected visitor appears and rescues her.

Rukia is lead to the visitor’s hideout. He reveals his name as Ashido and begins attacking Rukia. Over where Ichigo’s hanging around, they have all encountered Hollow as well. Nel and her friends are all captured while Ichigo, Chad, and Ishida are all left with an increasing amount of Hollow and Menos Grande.

Bleach – 146


Subbed by Dattebayo
Following the last episode, the “human” is still being chased by three Arrancar. As they are quickly defeated by the team, they explain that they were all simply playing “eternal tag”. The kid reveals his name as Arrancar Nel Tu. He explains the difference between Numeros, Espada, and Arrancar in general. After realizing that Ichigo is a Shinigami, Nel steals Ichigo’s Zanpakutou and now everyone is forced into a game of tag. Nel trips over a tree stump, who is quickly saved by Ichigo before the rest of the crew crashes upon the same tree stump. The Sand Guardian “Lunuganga” presents himself and attacks everyone in his presence. His weakness is identified as water, but as Ichigo says, “there’s no freaking water in Hueco Mundo”. So who decides to appear? Rukia and Renji! Rukia quickly destroys Lunuganga with her ice abilities. Instead of a warm welcome, Ichigo gets punched in the face by both of them. Once everyone has settled down, Rukia explains that it was her brother who allowed her to return to the real world, leading up to her arrival in Hueco Mundo. At the end of the episode, Lunuganga decides to reappear…

HOME MADE Kazoku – Arigatou

For some reason, I just felt like sharing this PV, used as the second Bleach ending. The current Bleach ending is pretty nice too, but there’s no PV, and the full size version is nowhere to be found online. HOME MADE Kazoku is a pretty good group, many of their songs have this distinct difference that sets them apart from other music groups. Just listen to the song and you’ll see what I mean.

Veoh Link

Bleach – 145


Subbed by Dattebayo
Ichigo, Ishida, and Chad make it to Las Noches, a completely desolate place filled with sand, tree like figures made of quartz, and of course, the Arrancar Base. They begin their infiltration on the headquarters, clueless of the fact that the Espada have already detected their arrival. The team seems to have no depth perception as they are trying to run all the way there but don’t know that the distance is in fact quite long, before they encounter a tornado in which they are captured. Luckily, Ishida still has the “spirit shell” that the team traveled in to save Rukia, but quickly lose control of it due to quarrling. Grimmjow is insistant to kill them, but Aizen gives Grimmjow a piece of his mind. At the end, the group meets a certain new character who’s being chased by a bunch of non-human arrancar…


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