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Limited Edition “Deep Red” PSP bundles with 1seg Tuner


On August 13, Japan will have a new color to add to their collection of PSPs, “Deep Red”. The PSP will retail in two packages. The first is the value pack, with a 1seg tuner, a 1GB memory stick, and a stand. It will sell for 29,800 Yen (about 262 USD). The second is the core pack where you simply get a 32MB stick which sells for 22,800 Yen (about 201 USD).

On another note, on the same day, Sony will also be releasing a portable battery charger compatible with both PSP-1000 and PSP-2000 models. This charger charges the battery externally instead of using an AC plug. Expect it for about 3,800 Yen (about 33 USD).

Link – SCEJP


Fairy Tail – 62


“When a Fairy Falls”
Provided by Franky House
This chapter continues with the battle between Natsu and Gazille. However, as the fight lengthens things start looking bleak for Fairy Tail. In an attempt to help, Lucy summons Sagittarius only to find out he’s useless at the moment. Because of the destructive fight between Natsu and Gazille, the guild ends up collapsing! Things don’t look good for Fairy Tail. Stayed tuned for the upcoming conclusion to the battle.

Read it Online – One Manga

Minami-ke – 05


“Let’s Go to the Sea”
Subbed by Ayako
I started this entire series today, and this episode came out yesterday , so let’s get started!

It’s finally summer! The family of three decides to take a visit to the beach. All three girls scour their rooms to find a decent swimsuit, but all realize that they’ve outgrown their clothes. While Haruka stays home, aosdjoasij and Chiaki go off to the store to purcahse new swimswits. For Haruka, they decide to pick a two-piece bikini set. Unfortunately, it rains the day before, and Haruka is relieved. sadisaodisajd then has the sudden idea to make a Teruterubouzu, a “shine shine priest”, to chase the rain away. Basically Chiaki is tied up to a rope and suspended in midair. However, the rain seems to only get stronger. Suddenly, it stops. Chiaki’s friends, Uchida and Yoshino, arrive at the residence but because of Kana’s bickering, the storm “magically” returns, but quickly leaves after Chiaki pleads for forgiveness.

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PS2 Revision Confirmed


The newest Playstation 2 Model, the SCPH-90000, has been announced on SCEJP’s website. Rumors suggest that the new PS2 will sell for the price cut of $99 in North America, but in Japan, the revision will retail for 16,000 Yen (Around 140 USD) on November 22. The new PS2 will include all the original functions of the PS2 Slim, except it will be lighter and the power supply will be internal. It will be available in three colors: “Charcoal Black”, “Ceramic White”, and “Satin Silver”.

Link – SCEJP

Nintendo Ends Support of NES


As of November 2, 2007, Nintendo has officially ended all repairs for the original Nintendo Entertainment System after 24 years of support. This is due to a shortage of manufactured parts for the NES a spokesman says. Nintendo’s Ken Toyoda says that while it’s sad to turn its back on the NES, they wanted the video game population to instead focus on the Wii. Considering that you can still purchase NES games through Virtual Console, the NES will continue to live on throughout the next generations of gaming.

Link – BetaNews

Final Fantasy Potion – FFVII


A new carbonated drink has presented itself in Japan by Suntroy. Dubbed “Final Fantasy VII: 10th Anniversary Potion”, this drink be purchased at any convenience store. The photo above was taken at a Family Mart. The cans have assorted pictures on them, but the ones with Cloud, Aerith, Tifa, and Zack are a little bit harder to find. The color of the drink has a yellow tinge, similar to Mountain Dew. The taste of it is similar to that of Lemon-Lime Gatorade with some fizz. Keep reading for more pictures…

Link – Siliconera
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Shakugan no Shana II – 05


Subbed by AyakoYM (The Screenshots are from the SS-Eclipse Verison :P)
Apparently Ayako and Your-Mom have managed to get out a subbed version of episode five before Eclipse and Static-Subs. The neat thing is, they have it out in 720p, so I took the extra time to download the HD version. Unfortunaltely, the quality of the video still isn’t as good as a standard AVI from Eclipse-Static, and the subtitles didn’t show up for me until I reinstalled CCCP, so their subtitles on the MKV format video are NOT hardsubbed other than the subtitles for the opening karaoke. Moving on…

Sakai begins the episode with a training session with Carmel-san. As he manages to deflect one of her blows, he slips off the roof of his house. By falling off, he determines that by controlling his power of existence, he does not feel pain. Sakai is still wondering why Shana has not returned, but Carmel cannot give him a straight answer. It is noted that Sakai’s powers are increased under stress. Both Carmel and Shana continue to eat simply Ramen, and Alastor makes a comment about humans desiring foods of different variety, but is quicky struck down by Carmel-san. Shana refuses to eat and goes to take a bath. Carmel attempts to talk to Shana, but Shana quickly loses her temper over the matter.

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