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Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core Potion Limited Edition

Crisis Core Potion Limited Edition

So… Just recently did a search on Final Fantasy VII and found a very interesting item for sale. When I first saw it my jaw dropped and my eyes popped out of my head. In one of the previous articles you saw the 10th anniversary potion beverages, but what you didn’t see was the limited edition potion (very limited edition with only 77,777 made). I’m sure the drink is excellent, but you just can’t help admiring the design and thought put into the limited edition vial. The drink itself is grape flavored, but who would use it only once? 

Price: ¥3,980 (US $33)
It can be found on various shopping websites such as eBay for $30 and higher. It includes the potion, a nice box, and booklet to go with it. You have to think about it though… $30 dollars is a small price to pay for something that is priceless!


Final Fantasy Potion – FFVII


A new carbonated drink has presented itself in Japan by Suntroy. Dubbed “Final Fantasy VII: 10th Anniversary Potion”, this drink be purchased at any convenience store. The photo above was taken at a Family Mart. The cans have assorted pictures on them, but the ones with Cloud, Aerith, Tifa, and Zack are a little bit harder to find. The color of the drink has a yellow tinge, similar to Mountain Dew. The taste of it is similar to that of Lemon-Lime Gatorade with some fizz. Keep reading for more pictures…

Link – Siliconera
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Sharing of Japanese Copyrighted Material

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan have officially filed a request to the United States to stop illegal distribution of copyright Anime and other related material on online video streaming sites and P2P networks. As most people know, videos on YouTube and Veoh have been being pulled for quite a while due to requests from the original distributors, but now it may seem that there may be a built in filter or automatic removal of videos or content that is coprighted. On October 18th, these issues were addressed at the fourth Japan-U.S. Trade Forum meeting.

Link – Ministry of Foreign Affairs Request

Translating Photocopier

According to Gizmodo, Fuji Xerox is developing a photocopier that can translate Japanese text to English. If functional, this copier would be very successful, but past experiences cause me to believe machines don’t do a very good job translating. I’m skeptical as to how well it will function, but I’m also excited as this is a a first time thing and also the fact that this is a practical idea never thought of before.


Urban disguises can supposidly fool criminals…


Apparently, the latest innovation in Japan is the ability to disguise yourself as a vending machine or fire hydrant. Not sure how much good this would do for you, but mabye criminals in Japan are not as smart as video games portray them to be. Then again, who’s to say that you won’t be the next one hiding in one of these contraptions?



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