Sayonara Watashi no Ai is dedicated to giving English users a feel and look at modern Japanese culture in English. So what does this mean? Anything that the general public will acknowledge and understand will be discussed on this blog. Other topics such as items of interest from Japan will also be displayed on this blog. The chances of a large population ever discovering this blog are slim to none, considering over 1,500,000 blogs exist on WordPress. However, this blog will most likely be moved over to AnimeBlogger assuming that they ever open up registrations again.
As an anime blog, we try to keep spoilers to a minimum, that way you will be encouraged to download the actual episode and watch it for yourself, rather than read a choppy summary that is based off of someone who did in fact watch the entire episode. This blog is used more for the purpose of simply getting and recording information about episodes of animes that are currently being aired. Most of the series that are posted here are series that us authors personally enjoy, as to create a community that has similar interests.



Current Projects

UVERworld - Chance!
Translation: 99%
Timing: 40%

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