Bleach – 147


Subbed by Dattebayo
Even though this is more than a week late, I’m doing this simply for archiving purposes.

So, Ichigo and the reunited crew have reencountered Lunuganga as of the ending of the last episode. Nel explains that there are multiple bodies of Lunuganga as he is made of sand. After Rukia foolishly stabs the creature on which they’re riding upon, they’re all devoured by the sand and fall for quite a while until all of them fall upon Ichigo. They have fallen into what is called the “Menos Forest”. What’s odd is, they don’t realize Rukia’s missing until 3 minutes after they fall in. Unfortunately, Rukia is the first to encounter the massive amounts of Hollow. Her luck just keeps getting worse when she finally evades all the Hollow but then encounters Menos Grande. They decide to use Cero on Rukia until an unexpected visitor appears and rescues her.

Rukia is lead to the visitor’s hideout. He reveals his name as Ashido and begins attacking Rukia. Over where Ichigo’s hanging around, they have all encountered Hollow as well. Nel and her friends are all captured while Ichigo, Chad, and Ishida are all left with an increasing amount of Hollow and Menos Grande.


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