Shakugan no Shana II – 05


Subbed by AyakoYM (The Screenshots are from the SS-Eclipse Verison :P)
Apparently Ayako and Your-Mom have managed to get out a subbed version of episode five before Eclipse and Static-Subs. The neat thing is, they have it out in 720p, so I took the extra time to download the HD version. Unfortunaltely, the quality of the video still isn’t as good as a standard AVI from Eclipse-Static, and the subtitles didn’t show up for me until I reinstalled CCCP, so their subtitles on the MKV format video are NOT hardsubbed other than the subtitles for the opening karaoke. Moving on…

Sakai begins the episode with a training session with Carmel-san. As he manages to deflect one of her blows, he slips off the roof of his house. By falling off, he determines that by controlling his power of existence, he does not feel pain. Sakai is still wondering why Shana has not returned, but Carmel cannot give him a straight answer. It is noted that Sakai’s powers are increased under stress. Both Carmel and Shana continue to eat simply Ramen, and Alastor makes a comment about humans desiring foods of different variety, but is quicky struck down by Carmel-san. Shana refuses to eat and goes to take a bath. Carmel attempts to talk to Shana, but Shana quickly loses her temper over the matter.

The next morning, Carmel visits the Yuiji residence as Sakai is leaving for Konoe’s home. There is a quick viewer’s emphasis on a bracelet that the butler is wearing, so note that in case of future references. Both walk to school together while meeting Shana on the way who acts indifferent to the matter. It seems that Yoshida is not happy about what’s happening either. After the break, Carmel is found in the supermarket shopping for groceries, and attempts to buy more cups of Ramen before reconsidering. Yoshida and Shana are both on the top of the building staying silent. Konoe becomes more and more talkative by the day. Ike tells Sakai to stop being so concerned for Konoe and give some attention to Shana and Yoshida. Again, Yoshida and Shana are seen together alone in the classroom. A very suggestive scene appears next, but it is simply Satou massaging Margery Daw. Eita and Ogata are emphasized as having a closer relationship as well. The episode finishes with Carmel presenting Shana with a “cabbage roll” that looks anything but appealing. But Shana eats it anyway, and accepts it and says it’s tasty simply because Carmel had made it solely for her.


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