Bleach – 145


Subbed by Dattebayo
Ichigo, Ishida, and Chad make it to Las Noches, a completely desolate place filled with sand, tree like figures made of quartz, and of course, the Arrancar Base. They begin their infiltration on the headquarters, clueless of the fact that the Espada have already detected their arrival. The team seems to have no depth perception as they are trying to run all the way there but don’t know that the distance is in fact quite long, before they encounter a tornado in which they are captured. Luckily, Ishida still has the “spirit shell” that the team traveled in to save Rukia, but quickly lose control of it due to quarrling. Grimmjow is insistant to kill them, but Aizen gives Grimmjow a piece of his mind. At the end, the group meets a certain new character who’s being chased by a bunch of non-human arrancar…


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